US Official: Russia hacked into security cameras installed in coffee shops in Ukraine.

As per the statement made by Rob Joyce, the Director of Cybersecurity at the National Security Agency, Russian hackers have gained unauthorized access to the private security cameras installed in coffee shops in Ukraine.

The hackers allegedly used this access to gather intelligence on aid convoys passing by.

Joyce stated that the Russian government and government-supported hackers have been continuously attacking Ukraine’s information technology systems as part of their ongoing invasion of the country.

The hackers have been primarily targeting closed-circuit TV cameras that are used by both local authorities and private businesses for surveillance purposes.

This latest incident adds to the long list of accusations against Russia of engaging in cyber espionage activities. Despite these accusations, the Russian government has consistently denied any involvement in such activities.

“There are continued attacks on Ukrainian interests, whether i’s financial, government, personal, individual business, just trying to be disruptive,” Joyce said at the Center for International and Strategic Studies in Washington.

“There are creative things going on. We are watching the Russian hackers log into public-facing webcams to watch convoys and trains delivering aid,” she said.

“They are also hacking those webcams…And instead of using the town square (cameras) that are available to the internet, they’re looking out the coffee shop security camera and seeing the road they need to see,” she added.

In addition to targeting Ukrainian IT systems, Russian hackers are reportedly directing their efforts towards U.S defense manufacturers and logistical transport companies. The objective is to gain access to information regarding the arms supply chain to Ukraine.

Rob Joyce confirmed that these companies are currently facing daily pressure form the Russians, who are attempting to infiltrate their systems and gather classified data.

The increasing number of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure has become a significant concern for many governments, particularly as the threat of cyber warfare continues to grow. As a result, there has been a growing need for improved cybersecurity measures and collaborations between countries to combat these threats.

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